The History

Brookshore Homes’ story is three generations long.

Starting with Luigi Tiano who created Goldstar General Contracting over 40 years ago. Son Joe followed in his father’s business starting Cassavia Estate Homes, named in honour of a treasured family friend and was soon joined by Luigi.

Cassavia Estate Homes was known for building non-cookie-cutter homes with a buyer-centric focus and a motto that reflected the family business nature of the company; ‘From Our Family to Yours’.

After 20 years under the Cassavia banner, Joe founded Brookshore Homes, with the same high quality construction and care for their buyers needs. As Joe says, “Our standards are other builders’ upgrades.”


At Brookshore Homes, we work with you to create the home of our clients’ dreams. Each and every home we build is customized to fit their needs. The Brookshore Homes experience begins with working together to design a home plan that reflects your family’s exact needs and desires.

Each and every Brookshore Homes construction bears our unique signature – old-world craftsmanship, attention to every detail, use of the finest materials and the best after-sales service.

Our customer service philosophy is legendary: Brookshore Homes isn’t finished until you are completely satisfied with your new home.

It’s amazing to think about, but Brookshore Homes puts as much dedication and plain hard work into your home before a single brick is laid as it does into the construction and finish. And it starts long before a single shovel turns the first soil.

We begin by doing a substantial amount of research to discover what you’re looking for in a home. What styles, what features, what finishes, and most importantly, which communities, and where to build. With the focus always on prime locations in coveted communities. Because why would you want to live anywhere else?

Next, we work with urban planners, municipalities, designers and architects with the goal of not only meeting your expectations, but building a home that expresses your individuality and meets the needs of the lifestyle you wish to lead.

Only then do we procure, plan and develop the property, be it infill or greenfield, to be perfectly suited to the new home. It’s a lot of extra work, but it’s the way we build. It’s the way we’ve always built.


The spirit of community is important to Brookshore Homes, and for that reason it customizes the homes they build to reflect the communities in which they are being built. Brookshore Homes caters for people who do not want to live in cookie cutter homes, who prefer a beautifully designed and crafted home that reflects their individuality and allows them to be house proud, inside and out.

For the founders of Brookshore Homes and the entire team that works here, it’s about putting passion into the project and expert skills and experience into the design and construction. It’s why we do what we do. We wouldn’t operate any other way. And you wouldn’t expect anything less.

Giving Back

With a strong commitment to helping those who cannot help themselves, Brookshore Homes is a dedicated champion for Sunnybrook Hospital and their work on Parkinson’s Disease.

It’s as important to us as a company to have our heart in the right place as it is to have our homes in the right communities.